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We help authentic men and women to caress their partners’ souls, enjoy multi-orgasms, and bring a whole new level of trust in their relationships.


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Are you looking for hands-on advice about creating your dream relationships? We help you to open up your marriage or existing relationship carefully but result orientated. We know how challenging it is, especially when you have professional responsibilities and family. And we wisely enjoy the dynamics of unconventional relationships.

“Open up – don’t break up.” 


“Let us be your guide into kink, BDSM & Unconventional relationships.”

We know how challenging it can be to live your true desires. 

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After an extra-marital affaire puts our marriage at the test, we decide to open up our relationship instead of getting divorced. It was an emotionally challenging time, with lots of struggling. We had no proven roadmap and no guides.   

But this unique solution was the best we could do EVER! We re-negotiated and adjusted our relationship. Now we can both live and enjoy extraordinary relationships. Opening up was also the beginning of my journey into kink and BDSM, connecting with my true self. 

I’ve learned how enriching this process is, physically, emotionally and spiritually. But I’ve also seen the difficulties and barriers that people face entering the lifestyle. For this reason, we created Playful Professionals: To share our knowledge and experience to serve as your guide.